Now Available at the Museum

Hailey, a book written by Robert A. Lonning,  is a colorful and informative survey of the history of our county seat from the days of John Hailey and William Riley to the 1930s and the building of the Sun Valley Lodge. The many photographs, most of which come from the Mallory Collection of the Hailey Public Library and the archives of the Historical Museum, are plentiful and handsomely reproduced. Organized by both chronology and theme, the 127-page book covers such topics as Early Life in Hailey, the Fourth of July, and Churches and Schools. ($21.99 plus tax)

Rugged Mercy, a book written by Robert Wright, grandson of Dr. Robert H. Wright, a turn of the century country doctor in Hailey, Idaho around 1884 to 1971. The book celebrates the lives and memories of his grandparents while growing up in Hailey. ($24.91 plus tax)

Galloping Ghosts of Galena, and A ride through the History of Galena and Bullion, by Pearl Eva Barker and Peter R. Wyman. Two books in one. Includes 372 pages, many old pictures, 21 color photos, old maps, etc. ($27.00 plus tax)

John Hailey (Stagecoach King of Idaho) written by Paul Hailey. The  story of a man of rare ambitions and character who helped build the state of Idaho through his courage, generosity, and hard work. ($14.10 + tax)