The Heritage Court Completes Its Eleventh Year

In early June the ladies named to the court this year and ladies from previous years enjoyed a formal tea hosted by Betty Murphy and friends at the Sweetwater Community Building.

This year’s coronation took place at the Liberty Theatre on June 26th and was followed by the ladies’ participation in parades in Hailey, Ketchum, and Bellevue, and Tea at The Blaine County Fair in Carey.

The Senior Connection in Hailey treated the ladies to a luncheon in mid-July. The ladies were the celebrity judges of the Labor Day baked goods contest in the Bellevue city park.

Here are this year’s honored ladies:

Lady Betts Simon:  Ketchum/Sun Valley

Lady Dorothy Ann Outzs: Hailey

Lady Vivian Bobbitt: Bellevue

Lady Joyce Edwards: Carey

The Heritage Court, a program of the Blaine County Historical Museum, honors women who have, through the years, contributed to the history and heritage of Blaine County. Pictures of the ladies and their stories as carried in the local newspapers can be found by following the Heritage Court link at the top of this page.