Heritage Court 2007


BY KAREN BOSSICK The Wood River Journal~Bellevue                     Ora Lee Disbennett used to skate to Bellevue on the canals that froze over in the winter.             And in summer she’d ride her horse into town from the family farm, which sits 1 and one-half miles south of Bellevue. …

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Heritage Court 2006


BY KAREN BOSSICK The Wood River Journal~Hailey  Alba Arndt’s two-story brick home in Hailey, shaded by a hundred-year-old pear tree, has provided an oasis of stability as the valley around her has gone through rapid transformation.             She’s seen the old Friedman general store, which had replaced tent stores, give …

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Heritage Court 2005


BY KAREN BOSSICK The Wood River Journal~Bellevue               Lula Shoemaker never moved more than a few miles from the farm where she was born and raised.             But the world has sure been on the move around her.             In her 87 years of living in the Bellevue area, …

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Heritage Court 2004


BY KAREN BOSSICK The Wood River Journal Sun Valley~ Marge Heiss was in her mid 20s when she and her sister Roberta showed a dark-haired man with an Austrian accent around their ranch, pushing themselves along on skis with the handles of pitchforks. The man didn’t make much of an …

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