Heritage Court 2016

STORY AND PHOTOS BY KAREN BOSSICK Joan Davies couldn’t keep her nose out of Hailey’s history if she wanted. Her husband John is a walking repository of the Wood River Valley’s history. He’s got a story about darn near everything in the valley, many of them with his relatives at …

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Heritage Court 2015


Carley Baird: Loving the land STORY AND PHOTOS BY KAREN BOSSICK Carley Baird’s six sons were the best dressed at the high school prom, the “tuxes” she made for them sparkling with sequins. And when Sonny and Cher were all the rage, she made each a furry vest. But she …

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Heritage Court 2014

2014 Ladies

  Dorothy Ann Outzs: Hailey Girl and World Traveler Story by Karen Bossick Dorothy Ann Outzs still lives in the house in which she was born 92 years ago, a home filled with mementos from traveling and bicycle touring. Then, she says, the Third Avenue house in Hailey was just …

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Heritage Court 2013


BY KAREN BOSSICK Wendy Collins became a mailbox minister in 1967 during the height of the Vietnam War for personal reasons. “I had two little boys and didn’t want them to get drafted because Vietnam was so horrible. I thought if I should show we had a conscientious objector in …

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Heritage Court 2012


Mary Ann Knight 2012 BY KAREN BOSSICK Mary Ann Knight has driven the Blaine County Heritage Court carriage in valley parades since the court made its debut in 2008. This year she’ll get a reprieve from the reins—this longtime dental assistant who likes to say she “retired three dentists” has …

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Heritage Court 2011


Joanne Davis 2011 BY KAREN BOSSICK Dozens of Boulder Mountain Tour and World Masters ski medals hang behind the bedroom door in Joanne Davis’ Edelweiss condominium. And at 75, Davis is still collecting them—a testament to the fitness level of this perky blond dynamo whose 118-pound frame still boasts the …

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Heritage Court 2010


Sally Donart 2010 The evergreens that Sally Donart planted outside her cabin retreat-like home north of Ketchum four decades ago now stretch 40 and 50 feet into the blue Sun Valley sky. The other seeds she planted have grown just as much. A bill she championed in the 1960s paved …

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Heritage Court 2009


Alice Schernthanner has been a fixture at Dollar Mountain for 30 years But she wondered if she would ever fit in when she first came to Sun Valley. As Alice tells it, she was following her Austrian ski instructor-husband Andy to Sun Valley in 1962  when her train from Denver …

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Heritage Court 2008


BY KAREN BOSSICK The Wood River Journal~Bellevue  Mary Eskridge retains a vivid picture of her mother hunched over the sewing machine sewing the outline of a Bellevue Bulldog on a skirt for a school cheerleader. “All of a sudden the needle went right in my mother’s finger. It was in …

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Heritage Court 2007


BY KAREN BOSSICK The Wood River Journal~Bellevue                     Ora Lee Disbennett used to skate to Bellevue on the canals that froze over in the winter.             And in summer she’d ride her horse into town from the family farm, which sits 1 and one-half miles south of Bellevue. …

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